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"I was tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep. I had trouble staying asleep at night and would often be awake for hours during the middle of the night. I had digestive problems, frequent headaches and just felt older than my age. I am much better now, after seeing Dr. Munnich. I have enough energy to make it through a full day with two school-aged boys. I am sleeping through the night regularly and rarely experience a headache. My digestion has improved considerably as well."

—Paula Frizzell

"I had severe neck, right arm, shoulder and upper back pain, and right knee pain.
My body ached from fibromyalgia and I was tired and anxious and stressed most of the time. Since seeing Dr. Munnich, the pain in all areas has improved tremendously. My energy is improving, and though I am under the same stress as before, it seems I can  cope better. My anxiety levels are not as high and life doesn't seem so gloomy and hopeless. I feel so much better."

—Kathy Sisson

"I felt blah and my ears were ringing.
Now my energy level is higher, the ear ringing is not as noticeable.
I also noticed I have much stronger nails, they used to split easily.
I have been to four different nutritionists in the last 20 years and
Dr. Michele is the most thorough I have been to."

—Gloria Whiteman

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