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Vaccine Rushed - What President Gerald Ford has to do with it

President Ford receives a swine flu inoculation from his White House physician, Dr. William Lukash, October 14, 1976

(White House photograph B1874-07A)

In an article in Discover Magazine, there is a picture of Gerald Ford when he was President of the United States, receiving a vaccine for Swine Flu. It was a vaccine that he promoted with enthusiasm and therefore had said picture taken for publication to encourage American to “get the vaccine”. This was in 1976. According to the article, he then suffered from Guillain-Barre Syndrome for the rest of his life. He would have minor accidents such as tripping over his own feet, dropping things, etc. and may have been a strong contributing factor to not running for President for another term.

If you want to read more about this, you can do so here from the Ford Library and Museum

Why do I mention this?

Well, once again, we are being encouraged to get a vaccine. A vaccine that seems to have been rushed through the approval steps at the FDA in order to get a vaccine out in the market place. At the end of August, Astra-Zeneca started Phase 3 of their testing with a vaccine and within one day, because of severe negative reactions to the recipients, they stopped giving out the vaccine, at least temporarily. A spokesperson said that this is normal operating procedures when participants become severely ill.

But this is Phase 3 of their process. How did they get to Phase 3 this quickly? It is unprecedented. Both Pfizer and Moderna are scheduled to have a vaccine ready soon as well. I hope that I am not the only one who is scratching their head wondering how these companies are “so close to a breakthrough” when they don’t even understand the virus yet. The numbers seemed to be flawed at every level.

Covid-19 has rocked our world. So many things have changed for everyone in only a few short months. But some things remain the same. Our human body is an amazing machine, capable of fantastic recuperative powers.

But like anything, we must have the proper building blocks for our bodies to work most effectively. For us, this means vitamins and minerals that we used to be able to get from our foods. Unfortunately, our farming soil has been depleted. It is harder and harder to get foods that actually nourish us to the level that our bodies need. This is why it is important to eat as much like our ancestors as we possibly can. Eating organic, unadulterated foods is essential to our well-being. When that is not enough, then supplementation from whole food sources, if a body is well enough to metabolize them is the next best thing.

Keeping our immune system boosted and working at its peak capacity is far better than any vaccine will ever be. Viruses can adapt to a medication or vaccine that prides itself to being the same dose after dose. A well-maintained, healthy body does the adapting for us.

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