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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate, that is the question

The Moderna vaccine against Corona Virus is now available in Brevard County, and has been since the beginning of January 2021.

If you want to get it, mostly, you must make an appointment online.

It seems a relatively easy process from those that I know who have gone to get the first of two shots.

How soon the second shot will be available and if there is best scenario interval between the two, I have not seen any data on this issue.

My question is should one get it?

To start to answer this question, I think it might be wise to do a little research.

Where to start???

How about asking a simple question… How long does it typically take for a vaccine to be developed?

If you click on the link below, you will discover that vaccine development and testing is a long process – typically between 10-15 years.

Since this is the case, does it strike anyone as suspect that we have gone from faint awareness that Covid-19 is a thing to a fully developed vaccine in about a year?

How about another question… How serious is the Corona-19 virus?

Well, we already know that there has not been consistent data gathering since the beginning. At first, they were only testing people who had flu-like symptoms. This is not following the scientific method to determine how big a threat an infection truly is. Most people have known people who have tested positive for Covid-19. What, actually, was tested to determine this???

Well, the antigens.

What does that mean? Well, the way our immune system works is that once we are exposed to something that our bodies perceives as harmful to our well-being, it begins to make antigens against whatever it is. So, finding antigens in someone’s system simply means that they have been exposed to the Corona Virus (which, by the way, is the common cold).

The test is NOT specific to Covid-19, but just corona viruses in general. GREAT!!!

Evidence that an immune system is functioning the way that it should.

But according to the CDC guidelines, someone who tests positive must now quarantine themselves for 14 days…then it was 10 days…now… if you have no symptoms, still self-quarantine, but for only 7 days.

Do the constantly changing recommendations speak to anyone??? Does it suggest that the CDC still really doesn’t have a handle on what they are dealing with???

If you think that this might be the case, AND, knowing that it typically takes 10-15 years to develop a vaccine… Should we be standing in line for something that may or may not be effective?

But the vaccine manufacturers tell us that the vaccine is 95% effective…What does that mean exactly???

Well, the FDA is allowing companies to define effectiveness as “prevention of mild symptoms”. Unfortunately, current trials are not designed to tell us if the Covid-19 vaccine will save lives, according to an article written by P. Doshi.

An article in Scientific American suggests that some are very concerned about serious side effects that presented in the coronavirus vaccine trail. (September 15, 2020 issue)

And on December 9, 2020 – CBC news warned people against giving the Pfizer vaccine to people prone to severe allergic reactions.

If someone decides to still get the vaccine because – they are older, they have other health issues, or whatever reason that may seem like a good idea…what will getting the vaccine mean?

Will the vaccinated person be exempt from wearing a mask in public? NO.

Will the vaccinated person be advised to stop social distancing? NO.

Will the vaccine prevent them from potentially getting Covid-19? Well, there is currently no data on that.

And, by the way, there is in existence corona viruses 1-18. This we know for sure.

This is what I tell all of my patients. I don’t have to live with the consequences whether you do or you do not get the vaccine. YOU DO.

So, be as informed as you possibly can.

Read these articles that I have presented here.

Do even more research.

At the very least, ask your physician who is recommending that you get the vaccine for the piece of paper inside the box that the vaccine comes in that lists the ingredients.

Take it home, look up each and every ingredient.

Decide if you want to inject that directly into your bloodstream, thereby by-passing all of your body’s natural defenses. And then think about what Louis Pasteur, who originated the germ theory, said.

“It is never the virus, it is always the terrain”.

A naturally boosted immune system has always been one’s best defense.

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