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I recently reread this article that I wrote back in 2015. It’s always funny/amazing how life seems to go in cycles. Although I am not suffering from the jaw issue that I talked about below, I believe that people would agree that 2020 has been a very stressful year for almost everyone. This has been the year of the Corona Virus. Although Corona-Virus 1-18 exist, I, for one, had never heard anything about them.

C-V 19; however; seems unforgettable.

I have several complaints about this whole issue, as many of you all probably do as well. My biggest issue with this is that, in my opinion, a health issue should NEVER, EVER become a political issue. I am appalled at how some of the media and the CDC have whipped citizens into huge amounts of FEAR. FEAR can make people sick, very; very sick…with all kinds of ailments.

Anyway, I will step down off of this soapbox and let you reread my article from October of 2015. If you know of anyone that can benefit from this information, please pass it along, with my contact information.

My joy in life is to help guide people towards better and better health, with no drugs, no surgery and no shots, whenever this is possible.



I’m about to let you in on a bit of my history – just in case you thought that the doctor never struggles in life.

2004 was an awful year for me. My stress level was out of sight due to decisions other people made that turned my world on its ear. In March, my husband of almost 20 years decided that being married wasn’t something that he wanted anymore. Then, 2 weeks after that, my father decided to leave the land of the living. (No….he didn’t commit suicide; he just quit caring and allowed his body to quit!)

Anyway, the next several months were quite chaotic for me. I lost a significant amount of weight; I had a hard time sleeping and my jaw locked up. This last thing is what I want to focus on today. My jaw situation was so bad: I literally had to pry my jaw open with my hands each morning. The pain was incredible.

Knowing something about the body I realized a few things:

This is a multi-level problem, and

I better figure this out because you use your jaw every day.

Obviously, there was a jaw alignment problem (the Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ); so getting my jaw adjusted seemed like a good idea. But understanding that muscles move bones, I also knew that if I didn’t work on the muscles too, the adjustment wouldn’t last long. So I started massaging the appropriate facial muscles.

Well if I thought that I had pain before, here was even more! Since I’m not a masochist, I realized that working on the “what” would only yield limited results. Therefore, I also worked on the “why”.

To say that the “why” was obvious, while true, was not going to help me correct the situation.

Of course, I was clearly stressed. Who wouldn’t be? But what could I do about it?

Mostly, we are stressed because there is something that we FEAR!

- fear of the unknown future.

- fear about not being able to pay bills.

- fear for our children getting hurt or in trouble.

- fear about not measuring up somehow.

Where is all this fear getting us?

Sick, tired and, in my case, grinding my teeth into non-existence.

So, if we know that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, we can start making rational statements.

Feeling Fearful, while not necessarily unwarranted, isn’t helpful.

Having made it through life thus far, why wouldn’t life continue living?

We each have gifts and talents that make us uniquely US!

Since we’re uniquely gifted and talented, we each have something special to contribute to the world in which we live!

Once I started thinking these few things, it’s amazing how my thoughts turned around. I realized that no problem is insurmountable.

So, yes. My jaw issue had a structural element to it, but it also had a mental component and a nutritional one. Most of our health issues are rarely one thing alone. So, once I dealt with some of the emotional issues, there was still the structural element.

A chiropractor that knows how to adjust the cranium (head bones) including the TMJ or Temporal-Mandibular Joint is the best to take care of such matters. It usually takes a few adjustments to get the joint back into proper alignment and working on the muscles to help keep it there.

Nutritional needs vary from person to person, so having a skilled practitioner to determine where your individual nutritional deficiencies are is essential and then, there are remedies that have been around for decades that are all natural to help us deal with the emotional traumas that we all face in life.

So, if you are someone who wants to handle your life naturally instead of synthetically, I recommend you check out my website to see if we might be a good fit.


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