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The Most Important Decision Parents Will Ever Make: Whether or Not to Vaccinate Their Child

This is from the Weston A Price Foundation website. I found it to be very eye-opening and felt compelled to share. Read on.

Although the subject of vaccinations is not the major focus of WAPF (which is nutrition), it is a subject that fits well into our mission statement of nontoxic therapies.

We are hearing some strong words about the current “vaccination wars”—the push to make vaccinations mandatory in many states. One critic called vaccinations “biochemical warfare against a largely unsuspecting public, particularly children, disguised as disease prevention by means of Mickey Mouse science.”

Said another observer: “We are struggling against one of the most dangerous, diabolical and powerful cults in the US; that is, ‘science-based’ and ‘evidence-based medicine’ within the Church of Scientism. Undoubtedly when future historians scour what remains of the news, computer files and texts from the early 21st century’s Vaccine Age (assuming anything of humanity remains), they will identify a delusional global dictator (Bill Gates) and the cult’s preeminent false Profit (Paul Offit) as the principle harbingers of vaccine barbarism. Certainly by then a new paradigm, which fully comprehends the advances in epigenetic and the functions of the epigenome, biological systems theories and biophysics will have informed our future ancestors that vaccination, as practiced during the primitive 20th and 21st centuries, was a medical abomination.”

More strong words: “From its inception vaccination has been fraught with no science, fraud, corruption, and big government money. Injecting cow belly pus and horse hoof pus into babies to keep them from getting sick? Roll forward to today’s ingredients. How can this possibly be believed to be benign and ‘for the good of the whole?’ Sinister indeed.”

We agree with the critics that vaccination as practiced today is a two-hundred-year mistake. We hope that the selection of articles on this page will justify these harsh words, and also give our readers the tools they need to protect themselves, from both the vaccinations themselves and from the infectious diseases against which these vaccinations are supposed to provide protection.And meanwhile, we will continue sending action alerts to various states where bills requiring mandatory vaccination are up for consideration in the legislatures.

Childhood diseases are either mild or non-existent when parents practice the kind of good nutrition that we advocate. Diets rich in vitamins A and C can protect children against disease much better than vaccinations, and with side effects that are good, never harmful. Public health policy should be aimed at accurate information about nutrition, not the promotion of vaccinations that actually suppress the immune system and often have tragic side effects.

Sally Fallon Morell, President The Weston A. Price Foundation

PS. If you must vaccinate, you can protect your children with the following guidelines: • Wait until the child is at least two years old. • Do not give more than one vaccination at a time. • Never vaccinate when the child is sick. • Be sure that the vaccines are thimerosal-free. • Supplement the child with extra cod liver oil, vitamin C and B12 before and after each shot.

• Put your child to bed and keep him quiet for at least 24 hours after a shot. • Obtain a medical exemption if the child has had a bad reaction to a vaccination before or if there is a personal or family history of vaccine reactions, convulsions or neurological disorders, severe allergies and/or immune system disorders.



As I said, this is from the Weston A Price Foundation website. It is a topic that I am passionate about because I am horrified by the number of "vaccinations" that infants receive now. When I was a kid, we received maybe 7. Now, children typically receive 36 before the age of 2. Their immune systems are not fully developed and a shot of something into one's bloodstream by-passes all of your body's natural defenses. The theory behind it isn't sound. In fact, it flies in the face of the known fact that once you have experienced a particular disease process, a person is more vulnerable and susceptible to suffer from it again in the future. Illness weakens our systems. It doesn't make it stronger. Yet, the advocates of vaccinations would have you believe that the reverse is true.

Italy recently recognized that there is a close relationship between autism and vaccinations. Let's stop giving our kids all of these shots and let their immune systems develop naturally. Between nutritional supplements, homeopathic solutions and essential oils, so much can be done naturally to help us all thrive. Think about it!


Dr Michele

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