Whose Health is it, Anyway?

We are an arrogant bunch!

As Americans, we have always believed in our rights to a better life. We even fought a war to disengage from our former government and then proceeded to demand that we have a government of the people, by the people and for the people. We are the masters of our fate, we say. And yet, there is one area in particular, where we have “abandoned the throne”. We give over our power to the medical doctor and insist that they “make us well”.

Well, whose health is it anyway? Ultimately, it’s our body and we would do better by taking responsibility for it.

We are not; as we have been lead to believe, necessarily at the mercy of our genetics. Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal. In fact, this is what it has been designed to do. So, how do we go about this lofty goal?

1. Recognize that the medical world has great diagnostic tools. Blood tests, annual physicals, these are wonderful things and should be used to know about your body and what is going on with it.

2. Once you know what’s going on, do your own research. Become better informed than your physician. Know what the potential treatments are – both "conventional” and “alternative”. Be proactive. Ask questions and know that you have the right to choose. I have been appalled at the scare tactics used by some medical “professionals” who become “offended” if one dares to question their authority. You are the one who will have to live with the consequences of whatever it is that you choose. So, ask the questions that let you know before you make a decision, what those consequences are likely to be.

3. Think positively about your situation. No matter what a prognosis may be, there have always been those who "defy the odds”. Thinking positive thoughts boosts our bodies’ ability to heal. It’s been proven. We are the ones who control what we will focus on. So why not decide that we will get well.

4. Make declarations over yourself:

- I am getting stronger every day

- My lungs are increasing in their capacity to breathe deeply and strongly

- My brain is amazing, able to focus and remember both simple and complex things.

These are just a few examples. Write out declarations that are unique to your healthcare issues and declare them out loud daily. You will be amazed by the results of this, when you truly believe what you are declaring.

5. Avoid toxic situations whenever and wherever you can. Stress is a real killer, and no amount of money is worth your very soul. So, if a job or home situation is causing you to go against some core value, it’s time to make some changes. Your body will thank you for it.

6. Trust your instincts. The first time that you see a physician, the consultation is a two-way situation. You are interviewing the doctor to see if they are a good fit for you.

7. Get second opinions and talk to people who have gone through similar treatments of what you are considering doing or having done to you. They will be your best source of information of what living with those consequences I mentioned earlier is all about.

8. Keep your own medical record. Ask for copies of your blood work or whatever tests that you have had done. Keep them in a notebook. It’s an invaluable tool to see progressions and such.

9. Take your time, especially when making a decision concerning the rest of your life. If you need more time to make that decision, ask for it.

Conservative healthcare, alternative healthcare: Chiropractic, Nutrition, Acupuncture – try these methods first. Surgery, chemotherapy, even medications are extreme forms of dealing with our bodies. Our bodies truly are intelligent and know how to make everything work well together. But like anything, they need the necessary building materials to be the fantastic functioning organisms that they were designed to be.

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