Stress is a killer. But you need it!

We all have stress in our life, that's a given. So how do we diminish its strong power to affect our health, energy levels and emotional stability. Although Stress is 99 times out of 100 seen as a negative thing that we would like to avoid at all cost, you may want to makes friends with it. Continue reading as I attempt to prove my point by convincing you to grab hold of your stress and learn how to spend time together in relative peace. Here we go: Stress is how the brain and body responds to any demand. When we say the word stress, we usually think it’s a negative thing, but this is how our bodies and brains operate. Without stress, we would get nothing done; there would be no stimulus f

Amalgam Filling Removal? How to do it right!

I wrote about my experience with braces and ended the article with a brief mentioning of the types of materials that are used in dentistry both past and present. I thought it might be good to expand on these a bit. So, a dental filling is the most common type of tooth restoration. This is where the dentist fills the cavity in a tooth that has become too large for the tooth to repair on its own. If the material used was/is a mixture of mercury, copper, tin, silver and zinc, we call it an amalgam. If a person has already gone through the process of having their amalgams removed, they know that it is an expensive and time-consuming process. If a person has not done this yet, please talk to yo

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